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W hat am I doing now in my career, that's a good question.  I really am at a point in my life where I look at things and think where do I want to be and what is it I want to do. I've left the American Red Cross where I am a supervised data entry.  I enjoyed what I did there and had a considerate boss and co-supervisor but the hours 4am - 12:30pm Tuesday through Saturday didn't leave much for anything else.  Now that I am unemployed and while job seeking (which is a full time job) I'm looking at doing some volunteer work.  So I've posted my resume and if you get a chance to review it and have some suggestions on either changes or employment you can let me know.  All help is appreciated.  My email is cdobson56@gmail.comMy resume


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A tribute to my father  he was a wonderful individual.  I will miss him forever.  Please read what was written about him and his life - he gave and gave and gave!!

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